My inspiration for this week is the man that I guess I have always loved. He is the deep thinker type, and is a poet as well (I’m a lucky girl aren’t I? *wink* *wink*), the words he writes speak to me, right to the very depths of my soul. Did I mention, I kinda have a huge crush on him? (Okay, you could probably tell right off the bat).

His writing is what inspires the male characters that I write about ’cause I’m just a girl and it’s my destiny… (I’m the most unlikeliest No Doubt fan you will ever meet).

How did we meet you ask? Well…how else, through writing…(yay!) and who is he?
Well, his name is Alexander, as in Alexander Pushkin an early 19th century Russian poet. He is considered the best Russian poet (among the best, if not the best) and seriously, if you read his work, you’re gonna see why!

His poem, ‘I Loved You’ has definitely been the inspiration behind the emotional, regretful male that I used as a template for the emotional male characters in my writing. I don’t know when it became less acceptable for men to be honest and upfront with their feelings, to be comfortable but Alexander sure was in touch with his emotional side.

Alexander Pushkin in his hey days!

Though there are heaps of differences between Alexander Pushkin and I, such as:

1) He lived a couple of hundred years ago and is DEAD (interestingly enough he died in a duel) and,

2) He was Russian.

I also see a lot of similarities between Alexander Pushkin and I! For instance,

1) From his poems, I take that he is the in-love-with-love type (just like me!),

2) Russia and my country kinda have the same time zone (Alexander Pushkin, I am your biggest fan ever from the Pacific!) and finally,

3) Writing was his passion, so much so that he did a great bulk of his work towards the twilight years of his life.

So, a toast to Alexander Pushkin, even if you are long gone, thank you for inspiring a girl from the Pacific to write, we’re kindred spirits you and I.

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