The Busu raged more than ever this morning with an angry murkier look.

Kimasana had just finished from the garden with the other women in her village.

‘There will be a drought this year…’ the village councillor had warned earlier that year.

But, the Busu had raged on, never obeying modern weather reports. Indeed, the dark clouds rumbled and the rain never came. But, the Busu raged on, as if beckoning the rains to come.

Then, one day it happened. The rains finally fell, dry spell broken!

As Kimasana washed her produce of sweet potato, she smiled at the Busu.


Fun facts about the Busu:

– It runs through the Morobe Province and has the fastest flow current out of all other rivers in Papua New Guinea. And wait for it…is ranked as the river with the 7th most fastest flow current in the world!!!!