So, to introduce a little bit more about myself to all who follow/read this blog, I have decided this week to write stories with the theme being my country – Papua New Guinea.

So, where is Papua New Guinea (a.k.a. PNG), you ask?

In the Pacific Ocean, north of Australia…yes that’s us there on the map (got this screenshot off Google maps) ! We also share a land border with Indonesia and other sea borders with Micronesia and the Solomon Islands.


A closer look…

So,won’t say more than this but, will show you more about PNG through my stories :):) My country kinda has a bad rep in the international media, but I want to introduce a different perspective of my country – a country filled with amazing people just going about their lives and with very rich human stories of love, compassion and joy.

A hibiscus flower, you find these growing nearly everywhere.



Cami ♡♡♡♡