Timmy always thought Bubu’s bilum* had magical powers.

Whenever Bubu** came to visit, natural as sun, out from her stringed bilum, a surprise would come!

Out would come a fruit or even their favourite –GAUVA!

And when one of the smaller children cried, out from her bilum; she’d pull out a face towel. Then, weepy eyes and runny noses, she’d wipe.

After, she’d fan herself cool.

Later, when speaking with mama and papa, out from her bilum, betelnut would come! They’d chew, laughing, talking big people talk.

And, now, whenever Timmy saw a bilum, he remembered Bubu and that bilum.


*A bilum is a woven bag unique to my country. It is made from weaving together natural fibres and animal fur, nowadays, it is mainly woven from synthetic fibres. 

**Bubu – is a widely used title in PNG, for a grandparent (both genders)

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