1. Hmm…wonder what I should do today? Shopping?
  2. Now, what to wear, what should I wear?
  3. Which shop should I go to?
  4. Should I flip a coin?
  5. Should I buy this brand or that brand?
  6. Wait isn’t that someone I know?
  7. Why didn’t I say hello to that girl I knew from school?
  8. Why am I so anti-social?
  9. Why can’t I be more open and more ‘out there’?
  10. Now, can I afford this?
  11. But, if I did, what would I have to give up?
  12. What do I eat, that’s yummy and doesn’t make me fat?
  13. What did I do today?

photo credit: One Way Stock Question Mark Yield Sign via photopin (license)